Yad b"Yad Award 2023/5783

In February we gathered in Baltimore to connect with one another and our sacred texts. In Charm City, we were nourished by our community, by our sacred texts, and by opportunities to explore new ways of engaging in our tradition. We were inspired by the words of Rabbi Shimon, who taught that when we come together over a shared table and speak words of Torah, it is as if we sit with the Divine Presence. 

For this year’s Yad B’Yad Award, we are asking you to celebrate how you and your colleagues have brought text to life for you and your community.

To be considered for the award, please submit a written explanation to the following questions. You are welcome to nominate yourself or an ARJE colleague. You are welcome to provide any photos, videos or additional documentation to help us understand how you believe that you/the candidate has demonstrated creative ways to meaningfully engage with the texts of our tradition.

Applications are due by Monday, December 19, 2022 and the award will be given at this year's Annual Gathering (1/23/23-1/25/23).

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